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The "Hatterascal" History

Hatteras Yachts is thrilled to have the Hatterascal program starting back
in the 2016 Season.

Durring the 2012 Season, with Capt. Jeff Donahue at the helm the Hatterascal traveled from the Bahamas to the Gulf, then back up the East Coast to fish many of the major tournaments. Scores of anglers had the opportunity to experience the power and luxury of the GT63 in each of these major venues, and racked up some impressive scores aboard the Hatterascal this season. Hundreds more stopped by the dock to talk with our captains and take a tour of the impressive GT63. Thousands more followed the progress of the Hatterascal on Facebook and used gplink's live feed to see every move and even view engine performance numbers.

The launch the 2016 season's Hatterascal will mark the renewal of a long-standing Hatteras tradition. Hatteras launched its first factory demonstrator early in its history. First christened the Hatterascal, a combination of "Hatteras" and "Rascal," in the mid-1960's; she represented Hatteras at fishing tournaments, boat shows, owners' rendezvous and special events for more than 40 years.

"Hatteras Yachts has enjoyed a reputation for superior design, strength, and seakeeping since the launch of our first boat in 1960," states John Ward, executive vice-president for global sales and marketing at Hatteras Yachts. "With the introduction of the GT Series a few years ago,  we have been able to add 'performance' to our list of superlatives. Each boat in the series is capable of at least a 40-knot top end when fully loaded. It is important that folks have an opportunity to see that type of speed first hand, and we feel that the Hatterascal is the perfect ambassador for the brand in the sportfishing community."